Emergency preparedness for your organization

One potential problem every building should prepare for is the possibility of lightning strikes.  When most people think of being prepared for lightning strikes, they think of having equipment to simply handle a direct hit.  What they don’t realize is there are impressive systems that can actually send warnings as hits become more probable.  Imagine how valuable this tool could be to locations such as hospitals and utility buildings.  Every hospital that is properly equipped could have time to prepare rather than being forced to react to some of the potential problems lightning hitting the building can cause.  This goes beyond avoiding inconveniences such as power outages.  Giving critical buildings like a hospital time to prepare can keep people safe and even save lives.

Being warned before a possible hit does nothing if the building isn’t prepared to also absorb the hit when it happens.  Some might be surprised to know that many of the largest buildings in the U.S. (such as the Empire State Building) are actually struck regularly throughout the year, often several times in the same storm.  This isn’t bigger news because of the lack of damage.  These buildings are extremely well-equipped to handle the massive voltage spikes.

Prepare your critical strucutres for possible lightning strikes

Government buildings are some of the more critical structures to keep prepared for possible hits.  One example of a government building being prepared for lightning strikes is the Washington Monument.  While it’s not as critical in day-to-day uses as other buildings, the historical site is equipped with an aluminum cap and copper lightning rods to help it handle possible, or even probable, bolts striking it.

Think of the problems that can arise from different government controlled buildings being struck by lightning.  Utility buildings for example could cause a variety of issues if they aren’t prepared.  Obviously the loss of whatever service they provide such as power would cause issues for many people.  What a lot of people don’t think about is that it can also endanger anyone working at the location.  There are explosions, gas leaks, and other dangerous situations that may arise as well.  Factor in how much this can cost in valuable tax dollars required for repairs and it simply doesn’t make sense to ignore getting each building properly equipped.

Early warning systems and grounding infrastructure can protect equipment and personnel

Utility buildings aren’t the only government buildings that should be protected.  There are numerous locations that have a lot of people inside, valuable equipment, important information, and that carry out many critical functions.  Major damage done to any of these buildings can result in expensive damage that can shut down essential everyday functions.  Even worse, it can result in major injuries or even death of the buildings’ occupants.

With so many potential problems, it simply makes sense to get each building ready.  An early warning system and the grounding equipment to handle the strikes is a cost-effective way to help keep your structures and personnel safe.

Lyncole XIT® Grounding System has been manufactured since the early 1970s. The system is warranted for 30 years and is the standard that competitors strive to equal.

See our past projects to understand better how we can help ensure your companies protection against Lightning and Surge danger.

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